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Mesoamerican countries cooperate for forest monitoring

Mesoamerican countries cooperate for forest monitoring

10 Mesoamerican countries gather in Bogota to set cooperation actions towards protection and oversight their forests areas. With the goal of setting joint activities that allow increase technical capabilities tomás...

Mexico started the process for the 6th National Communication

Mexico started the process for the 6th National Communication

The National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR, acronym in Spanish) and the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change (INECC, acronym in Spanish), are working to improve estimations of greenhouse gases emissionsmás...

A compilation and assessment of data for emission factors estimation in forestry sector was published

A compilation and assessment of data for emission factors estimation in forestry sector was published

The document was coordinated by the Tropical Agronomic Center for Research and Teaching (CATIE, acronym in Spanish) Technical experts from the Reinforcing REDD+ and South-South Cooperation Project of the Nationalmás...

A Platform for the National Registry of Forest Emission Reduction has been prepared

A Platform for the National Registry of Forest Emission Reduction has been prepared

The online platform will bring traceability of the environmental actives all along the life cycle of REDD+ Actions. Entrevista con Magdalena Pampillo, Vicepresidenta de Markit. The Reinforcing REDD+ and South-Southmás...

Allometric models

MRV Initiatives in Mexico

Emission Factors

Carbon Modeling

Activity Data

Greenhouse Gases Inventories

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National Forest Monitoring System


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